Aquality are associated with several skilled partners.



IPC AS (Industrial Pipe Contractors) is a complete industrial plumbing company. Housed in Flekkefjord in brand new premises. They have modern equipment that gives them many opportunities. IPC specializes in products targeting the aquaculture industry and works closely with several operators in the industry. They are also running the Hydroscand department Flekkefjord, which is a complete supplier of hose and cable components.

Focus areas:

  • Everything within steel, stainless steel and stainless steel materials
  • Welding of all types of plastic tubing (PE, PP, etc.)
  • Production of fittings and pipes in plastic
  • Laminating / bonding glass fiber reinforced materials
  • Workers with extensive experience in all these areas.


OK Marine

We have signed a co-operation contract with OK Marine to provide a complete solution to our customers. OK Marine supply products that we are missing in our catalogue, such as the shed of clean fish and reception blocks for wrasse. We supply them with feeders for lumpfish to their clients.


Vestmekaniske AS

Our largest shareholder and partner. Vestmekaniske is housed in the same building as us Hegglandsdalen and helps us develop new products and also produces some of our products. They have extensive expertise and equipment to work with most metals and plastics. They provide services in development, processing, cutting, machining, welding and assembly.


Norsk Oppdrettservice

Helped us with testing and development of the first Auto Feeder. Is also our first customer on the Central Feeder.

Norwegian Oppdrettservice, with Andreas Lindhom in the lead, is a pioneer in breeding of lumpfish and are more than happy to share their knowledge. They came in 2nd place as Company of Sothern Norway in 2015 and they are generally a fantastic bunch!


Innovasjon Norge

Has given us finacial support to several projects. First establishment grants in connection with the Aqua Nor exhibition in Trondheim in August 2015, and development grant to the development of the Central Feeder, based on the principle of Auto Feeder.



Helping us with the assembly of our main product, Auto Feeder. A nice bunch that deliver consistent high quality work.


Sørskår Mekaniske Verksted AS

Our biggest supplier of aluminum products. Also helps us with design and technical documentation.


Energy X AS

Supplier of CNC machined products. Also helps us with design and development.